Join our team!

Whether you are a student employee, an intern, or writing your final thesis, at dSPACE we have various opportunities on offer to join our team. This way, you can gain practical experience during your studies and possibly join us completely after graduating. If we have a suitable position available for you and you would like to shape the future together with us.

Student employee

Student employee

With us, you will have challenging tasks and gain extensive insights into the world of work. During the semester, or during a lecture-free period, you will have the opportunity to support various departments as a student employee, while putting your theoretical knowledge into practice. By doing this, you gain valuable experience and learn for the future – perhaps even for your future at dSPACE. Often, a temporary job as a student can lead to opportunities for an internship, a thesis, or for direct entry into the company. 

During the lecture period, you can work up to 20 hours per week and in the lecture-free periods, you can work full-time. For us, interesting tasks, flexible time management, and fair remuneration go without saying.

If you are interested in one of our positions, contact us directly or send us a proactive application.

We look forward to meeting you.

Here, you can find our vacancies as a student employee:

Internship or Thesis?

Internship or Thesis?

Are you looking for an internship or a subject for your thesis?

For students as well as trainees in technical fields in the b.i.b. International College, we constantly offer interesting internships and theses in the following areas:

  • Software Development and QA
  • Hardware Development
  • Application Engineering
  • Technical Sales
  • Technical Documentation
  • Product Management

We mainly address students from technical fields, for example, electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, machine engineering, and technical mathematics, as well as trainees from the b.i.b. International College who are studying technical computing, software, and systems. 

For all positions, you should have a good academic or training record and good German language skills. Further practical experience, for example, in MATLAB®/Simulink®, programming knowledge, and a good command of English, is an advantage. 

Is there nothing suitable for you in the job advertisements?  Then send us a proactive application for your thesis, your project, or your internship

As internships and theses do not have fixed starting dates, please specify your desired time period, taking into account that internships should last for at least eight weeks.

Internships and thesis are compensated with a monthly payment. In addition, we pay a one-off bonus for studies and theses with a very good final grade. Furthermore, we offer students who live far away from dSPACE an allowance for housing and meals for the duration of the internship or thesis.

We look forward to meeting you.


Click here for our vacancies for student internships and theses:

Your contact person:

Frauke Baumann

Frauke Baumann

email:; phone: +49 5251 1638-3113

ProMINT Grant for Bachelor's and Master's Studies

ProMINT Grant for Bachelor's and Master's Studies

Are you a high-school graduate from Ostwestfalen-Lippe who would like to study natural sciences at the bachelor level? Or do you already have your bachelor’s degree and you are applying for a master’s program? – We can support you with a grant.

The condition for the ProMINT grant is that you are going to start a natural sciences degree at a public university in Ostwestfalen-Lippe, for example, in electrical engineering, (business) informatics, mechanical engineering, physics, or mathematics. Our grant students belong to the dSPACE team. We support them financially, ideally from the beginning to the end of their standard period of study. We offer regular exchanges through networking events, lectures, and also participation in dSPACE company events such as the summer party and the Christmas party. We support the bachelor’s program with 500 euros per semester and the master’s program with 300 euros per month.

Sound exciting? Then apply now.

Please send your application with a letter of motivation, CV, employment reference letters/certificates, and details of your planned study program to this e-mail address.

Applications close at the end of July of the year in which you take up your course.

Your contact person:

Kristin Yigit

Kristin Yigit

email:; phone: +49 5251 1638-3113

Join our team!

Join our team!

We regularly advertise new positions in various fields. From long-term supporting activities to project work, from surveys to a master's thesis, there are lots of possibilities.  

We are not only looking for students in technical subjects but also, for example, for jobs in the commercial or administrative departments.

If there is nothing suitable for you at the moment, you are welcome to send us a proactive application.

Our job offers


We are here for you. We make time for you. We offer you support where you need it. 

In doing this, you can get to know the processes and tools used in practice alongside your studies. In terms of your specialist topics, you have the opportunity to access our expert teams and to build up your network.  This way, you can easily join dSPACE after your studies. If we have a suitable position available for you and you would like to shape the mobility of the future together with us.

Your benefits
Your interview at dSPACE

Your interview at dSPACE

We want to get to know you personally and learn everything about your career so far. Our interviews usually take place with the HR department and one or more people from the specialist department. We prepare our meeting with you so that we can understand your motivation and reasons for wanting the position. If necessary, we also directly address specialist topics, to get a complete picture of who you are.

We are not just filling positions, we are hiring individuals, so authenticity is of utmost importance to us.

Just be yourself – we look foward to meeting you.

Why should you come to dSPACE for a taste of the real world? This is what our interns say:

“As a student intern at dSPACE, I was able to finance my studies and at the same time learn much more about the practical aspects of software development than in my studies.”

Jan Hendrik, Software Developer

“Even as a child, I was already interested in computers and programming and therefore I started to study computer science in Paderborn after my school leaving qualification. During my studies, however, I missed the practical relevance, the proximity to computers and software development. While searching for alternatives, I discovered the b.i.b. International College. There, dSPACE was recommended to me as a place to contact. Personally, I had never heard of dSPACE so I was even more surprised to discover how big the company is.

As a student intern at dSPACE, I was able to finance my studies and at the same time learn much more about the practical aspects of software development than in my studies. Last but not least, this was due to the best team that I can imagine. I was able to work on my b.i.b. project, which took two months in full time, fully independently due to the knowledge I had acquired, and then I was able to immediately continue working as a student intern. After finishing my studies, I started working full time at dSPACE as a software developer and I work in the same team that I worked in before. Now, I am even looking after students and interns myself.”

"I was able to learn a lot, take on very varied and exciting tasks, and grow daily in my role as a student employee.”

Tabasom, HR Development Specialist

"I completed my Bachelor’s degree in business psychology in 2021, and was thinking about whether I wanted to start work immediately or do a Master’s degree. I was ready to finally start putting what I had learned in my studies into practice but then I decided to continue my studies and to work as a student employee at the same time, to gain initial professional experience. I had a clear goal in mind and a clear idea of what I wanted from the job.

In my interview, I was asked: “What do you expect from dSPACE as an employer?” – “I want to learn a lot here and grow, both personally and professionally. I want to be challenged and to think outside the box.” 

My expectations from my time as a student employee in Corporate HR Development were greatly exceeded. From day one, I was considered to be a full member of the team and I had a great deal of support, particularly in the induction phase. I was able to learn a lot, take on very varied and exciting tasks, and grow daily in my role as a student employee. 

Managing my studies alongside my work was not a big problem, I was able to reduce my work hours during the exam period so that I could concentrate fully on studying.

After already one year, I am now a permanent member of the Corporate HR Development team and I support dSPACE in the role of HR Development Specialist.

The transition into the role as a permanent employee was seamless and without any problems. It’s that quick and easy."

“As a student worker, I was able to work independently and flexibly – I was drawn back to dSPACE for my master's thesis.”

Tim, Master’s student

“When I moved to Paderborn for my Master’s degree, I looked for a student job that would fit in well with my resume. Through former colleagues and when classes started at the latest, I came across dSPACE. After I had applied for one of the many student intern positions, I received positive feedback within a few days, with a slightly adapted job offer that was even better tailored to me.

After the very friendly interview, I was able to start work in product management, which definitely benefitted me a lot both personally and for my studies. I was able to work independently and flexibly, so that made it easy to combine my studies and my job. The flat hierarchy structures mean that you are able to talk to many colleagues and are well supported everywhere. Of course, at dSPACE you also have the opportunity to exchange ideas with the numerous other students.

At the end of my studies, I decided to write my thesis at dSPACE. Here, too, a large pool of topics is available and ideally, this helps you keep your foot in the door.”


Meet Our Recruiting Team!

Every year, our recruiting team visits different career fairs all over Germany and is always supported by technical specialists. 

We will be present at the following career fairs – our team is looking forward to talking with you in person:

  • LookIn Paderborn


    University of Paderborn

  • Industry Day Esslingen University


    Neckar Forum Esslingen

  • 32nd Family Business Career Day


    dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co. KG, Karlsruhe

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