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In the future, we will continue to offer on-site trainings in Germany as well as virtual classroom trainings.

You can participate in these trainings from your office, whether at your company or in your home. Similar to on-site trainings, there will be live presentations (no videos) and practical exercises. You will also be able to ask questions and provide feedback. The virtual classroom training will use the WebEx training center and run in a browser plug-in. For audio transmission, you will need a headset, or a microphone and speakers. You can also use a camera if you like, and a second computer screen will be useful. The WebEx training center lets you complete the practical exercises remotely on our computers, which means you do not have to install any additional software on your own computer.

As it is difficult to stay focused during a full day of a virtual classroom training, we split each training day into two parts, to be held on consecutive days. To ensure optimum support during the practical exercises, the number of participants is limited to ten, and two trainers will be available for most trainings. Information on hygiene measures during classroom training can be found at the bottom of the page.

If the spread of coronavirus requires specific hygiene measures during on-site trainings, we will adhere to our hygiene measures, which you can find below.

To get you under way quickly we regularly hold training sessions. Even customer-specific training and on-site training are possible.


Introduction to the AUTOSAR Classic Platform This course introduces you to the main goals and contents of the AUTOSAR Classic Platform.
Introduction to the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform This course introduces you to the main goals and contents of the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform and compares them with their counterparts on the AUTOSAR Classic Platform
System Architecture
System Modeling with SystemDesk
This training course focuses on modeling according to the AUTOSAR Classic Platform.
Virtual Validation
Virtual Validation
Using virtual ECUs and PC-based simulation for early validation of ECU software
PHS-based Platforms
dSPACE Real-Time Systems (MicroAutoBox II, MicroLabBox)  Single-processor systems in detail
SCALEXIO Platforms
dSPACE Real-Time Systems (SCALEXIO Platforms, MicroAutoBoxIII)  Learn how to use SCALEXIO for rapid control prototyping

Introduction to SCALEXIO for hardware-in-the-loop simulation

ControlDesk Basic Introduction to ControlDesk instrumentation and management features
ControlDesk Advanced Features such as ControlDesk Automation and the Bus Navigator
ConfigurationDesk Basic (for SCALEXIO Platforms and MicroAutoBox III) This training course introduces you to the basic workflow for simulation systems based on SCALEXIO technology using dSPACE ConfigurationDesk and model ports.
RTMaps Basic Introduction to RTMaps
RTMaps Advanced Integration of your own algorithms and using embedded devices
Rapid Prototyping
RapidPro Introduction to the RapidPro System
TargetLink Basic TargetLink in detail
TargetLink Advanced More TargetLink features
TargetLink AUTOSAR Support Using the TargetLink AUTOSAR Blockset
Test Automation
AutomationDesk Test automation and test management based on AutomationDesk
Real-Time Testing Introduction to programming real-time tests based on the Python programming language
SYNECT Test Management Processing test data with SYNECT Test Management, including all the steps from handling requirements, test cases and execution plans to executing tests and evaluating the test results
Workflow Management This training course covers the entire tool chain for variant-based workflow management (VBWM), from configuring to executing automated processes.
dSPACE Automotive Simulation Models
ASM Vehicle Dynamics Basic For real-time simulation of vehicle dynamics behavior in an environment
ASM Traffic The ASM Traffic Simulation Package is an add-on for the ASM Vehicle Dynamics Simulation Package.
ASM Vehicle and Traffic Combination of the ASM Vehicle Dynamics and the ASM Traffic Simulation Package training. 
ASM Powertrain

You will learn about the concept and the structure of ASM vehicle powertrain simulation models.

ASM Engine (course content on request)

Building on the contents of the ASM Powertrain course, this course will address your specific questions regarding the modeling of internal combustion engines with ASM.
ASM Battery Concept and the structure of the ASM Battery model
ASM Fuel Cell Modeling fuel cells with ASM
Sensor Simulation  
AURELION –Sensor-Realistic Simulation

The main focus of this training course is to cover the complete sensor simulation tool chain.

FPGA Basic  dSPACE provides various real-time components with freely programmable FPGAs
FPGA Electric Drives The training course will equip you with all the skills you need for working with the dSPACE XSG Electric Components Library 
Bus Systems
RTI CAN MultiMessage Blockset Handling complex CAN setups in hardware-in-the-loop applications
Bus Manager Basic (for SCALEXIO, MicroAutoBox III, and VEOS Platforms) Central tool for configuring LIN, CAN, and CAN FD communication for the SCALEXIO and MicroAutoBox III real-time systems and PC-based VEOS simulation systems
Bus Manager Advanced (SCALEXIO, MicroAutoBox III, VEOS) Advanced Bus Manager features such as tool automation projects
dSPACE FlexRay Configuration Package Simulation of one or more nodes in FlexRay networks
dSPACE Ethernet Configuration Package (for SCALEXIO Platforms and MicroAutoBox III) With the dSPACE Ethernet Configuration Package you can configure and connect simulation models to Automotive Ethernet hardware, e. g. for a restbus simulation.


Learning by Doing
Our training rooms are equipped with one dSPACE system for every two participants. The number of participants is limited to twelve. When a course is booked to capacity, we use two trainers to guarantee that each participant gets optimal support. For the dSPACE SCALEXIO training course, the number of participants is limited to six.
Ask the Expert
The instructors are experienced dSPACE application engineers.
The courses are held in English by default or in German, depending on the participants.
The fee includes course material (in English), a certificate for successful participation, lunch, coffee, and refreshments.
Customer-Specific Training
We offer on-site training and individual training on demand. A minimum of four participants is required. For special schedules, please contact us via phone or e-mail.

Cancellation Policy
Please note that we will charge you EUR 25.00 if you cancel your registration up to 14 days before the training course begins. If you cancel within 5-13 days prior to the training course, we will charge you 50% of the training fee. Last-minute cancellations, received within 1-4 days before the scheduled course date, and no-shows will result in full forfeiture of the course fee. Registrants unable to attend may send a substitute without paying any additional fee. Please inform us of the substitution as soon as possible.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, including but not limited to inclement weather, trainer unavailability, lack of participation, etc., dSPACE may choose to reschedule or cancel a particular training course. In the case of cancellation, notification will be issued at least 5 days prior to the course start date. Should this occur, registered participants will be entitled to reschedule their training to another course date or receive a full refund of paid course fees. 

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