Users, interested parties, and dSPACE professionals met at the dSPACE Aerospace Europe to network with industry experts from Europe and learn more about dSPACE’s solution offering with focus on electrification, including live demonstrations and customer testimonials. It was electrifying! 

The dSPACE Aerospace Europe was an exciting platform for discussing current development trends in the aerospace industry. Despite some strike activities, approximately 60 participants met on February 06, 2024, at the NH Hotel Toulouse Airport to exchange lessons learned about a range of topics including the validation of control computers, power electronics, and electric drives in early development stages as well as testing the correct functionality of battery management systems.

Inspiring Presentations and Exhibition

Customer presentations from Airbus, Diehl Aerospace, DLR, Hutchinson, Liebherr Aerospace, and TU Hamburg provided answers to the transformation challenges the aerospace industry is currently facing. In combination with the presentations given and the exhibition held by dSPACE experts, participants discussed latest trends and experiences in the development and testing of embedded control systems, focusing on the electrification of aviation.

Focus on New Development Trends in Electric Flight

Each of the insightful customer and dSPACE presentations sparked lively discussions during the breaks, in which the participants had the opportunity to closely examine the current test and development tools at the accompanying exhibition. This included demonstrations on rapid control prototyping, production software development, battery and fuel cell simulation, battery management testing, and inverter testing on signal and power level.

Fruitful Networking Event

The one-day conference ended with an informal networking event, in which the participants had the opportunity to continue their discussions in a casual atmosphere. dSPACE thanks all participants and speakers that shared their insights and provided invaluable input on overcoming challenges when working on topics defining the future of aviation. We look forward to continuing our discussion at one of the next events.

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